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Real Estate Lending for All Your Moments

Hot homes are selling as fast as they hit the market, making home buying more competitive than ever. Some enjoy the challenge, for others the pace can be exhausting. Here’s a reprieve.

River Region Credit Union offers some of the most competitive land and construction loans in the area. If you’re tired of waiting for the perfect home, build it!


  • Up to 30-Year Term
  • Early Rate Lock
  • 20% Down Payment
  • Competitive Rates

This loan fixes your rate for a 5-year period. Then it’s subject to fluctuations every 5 years. Your rate can never increase by more than a lifetime cap of 5.00% above the stated rate*.

Once the land is yours, you’re ready to build! Then tap into our great rates for a construction loan.


  • Line of Credit
  • Interest-Only Payments (based on the amount advanced)
  • 20% Down Payment (based on appraised value)

Be sure to secure your loans while rates are still low. A steady rate increase is expected through 2022.




*After a fixed period of 5 years the rate may increase every 5 years; individual rate adjustments are capped at 2.00%. The rate can never increase by more than a lifetime cap of 5.00% above the stated rate and never decrease to lower than 3.00%. All approvals are subject to underwriting guidelines which include but are not limited to acceptable credit and income history. See our Real Estate Team for details.

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