RRCU has Certificates of Deposit (CDs) for You!

Enjoy one of RRCUs certificates of deposit available for you today. We’re here to help you save toward Your Next Moment!

Standard CDs

RRCU offers Certificates of Deposit in varying terms, from 3 months to 5 years.  Your CD will earn a substantially higher rate than a share and withdrawal of your CD before the end of the term will result in an interest penalty.  Standard certificates have a minimum balance of $500.00.

Payroll CDs

Payroll CDs are a great product for members who can’t deposit an initial $500, but still want the higher rate of return offered by maintaining a CD. A payroll CDs require just a $10 initial deposit*, and you can electronically contribute a little each month. River Region can set up automatic transfers from your check for your convenience.

Payroll CD Benefits:

  • Enjoy annual maturity with withdrawal flexibility.
  • Electronically deposit just $10 a month to maintain your CD.
  • Grow your CD balance and diversify your savings portfolio.

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*APY: Annual Percentage Yield. To qualify for 3.5% APY you must maintain an active checking or loan product. The 3.5% APY is applicable for a one time 12 month period. Initial deposit cannot exceed $1,000.00. Rates effective 8/30/2018, and are subject to change daily.

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