Is a Payroll CD Right for Me?


It seems you’re always spending money on groceries, the kids, or even pesky car troubles. Those never-ending costs can be overwhelming, but saving doesn’t have to be. Our Payroll Certificate of Deposit (CD) lets you quickly set aside funds every month, getting you back to what matters most. And that’s just the beginning. Check out three more reasons our Payroll CD is for you.


Low Initial Investment

Our Payroll CD only costs $10 to open. The monthly minimum deposit is also $10, making this CD an affordable way to start saving (and making!) money. Compared to a traditional CD, which would initially set you back hundreds of dollars, this deposit product is perfect for anyone who can’t manage such a lofty up-front cost or monthly installment.


Competitive Interest Rate

At 1.5% APY*, our Payroll CD already competes with the big-name banks. For an added perk, simply maintain a checking account or loan with us to qualify for 3.5% APY*. That’s more than double what your regular share yields annually!


Annual Maturity with Withdrawal Flexibility

Traditional CDs make you wait years to even touch your money without a penalty. We give you the chance to transfer money every 12 months, penalty-free! There’s even a 10-day grace period so you don’t miss your chance. Many of our members use this benefit to boost their cash flow before birthdays or the holidays! Keep in mind, withdrawals made before the 12 month maturity will still incur penalties.


You don’t have to have deep pockets to invest in your future. And River Region Credit Union makes it easy. So what are you waiting for?


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*Annual Percentage Yield. Maximum initial deposit is $1,000. Deposits must be electronic.


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