Merger Updates


  • You may begin using your new RRCU MasterCard when you receive it.
  • Your FFCU Remote Deposit Capture is no longer available.
  • Your FFCU Online Banking is no longer available.


Debit Card

  • You can activate your new RRCU MasterCard when you receive it and begin using it.
  • To activate your new RRCU MasterCard and to select your pin please call 1-866-642-0450
  • If you have any questions regarding your new RRCU MasterCard please call 573-635-4185 ext 790

Online Banking

  • Your FFCU Online Banking is no longer available.
  • Your new RRCU Online Banking is now available.
  • Please Click Here and “Enroll Now” to log into your RRCU Online Banking.

Bill Pay

  • Once you set up your online banking access, you will have access to the RRCU bill pay product. Simply add any vendors that you currently pay and you can begin scheduling payments.

Money Desktop

  • River Region Credit Union does not currently offer the Money Desktop product, however; our online banking product allows you to download your account data into Quicken, Microsoft Money, Excel, or other formats.

Remote Deposit Capture

  • Your FFCU Remote Deposit Capture is no longer available. Once you have signed up for online banking and enable your mobile banking, Remote Deposit will be available. Please click the link below to assist you in signing up!

    How To Use Remote Deposit Anywhere

ACH/Checks/Direct Deposit

  • Your current FFCU transactions will process as normal. When setting up a new ACH/Direct Deposit or ordering checks please use RRCU routing number (286580917) and your new RRCU account number.

Account Numbers will change slightly. Please refer to the account number on your last FFCU statement. That portion of the account number will remain the same, but you will need to add an “8” and however many zeros it would take to achieve a 9-digit account number. (for example: If you FFCU account number is 12345, then your new RRCU account number will be 800012345. If your FFCU account number is 301, then your new account number would be 800000301.)

Call 24

  • Call 866-628-2314 and enter your new RRCU account number. You will need to use the 4 digit birth year of the primary members’ Birthday.



When the merger with RRCU takes place, what will happen to my deposits? 

All money that you have on deposit will be transferred to RRCU on the merger date.

If I have accounts at both RRCU and FFCU will my accounts be consolidated?
No, upon conversion you would have two separate RRCU accounts. If you would like to consolidate them into one account, you can decide that after the merger and we can accommodate your request.

Will my savings balances remain insured?
Yes, as always, your deposit balances are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration. Please go to for federal deposit insurance details.

Will my loan balances be automatically transferred to RRCU?
Yes, your loan balances would transferred directly to your RRCU account at the original terms and rates. You can, as always, prepay any of these loans without penalty.

How can I get more information about RRCU?
Please visit River Region Credit Union for more details or call 573-636-9198.

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